Dating At Cafes

What is the best way to date when you go out drinking at a coffee shop? For those of you who have been dating for a while, you might not have come across this question. Let's find out.
Sometimes when I go out with friends or just hang out with the gang, it's because we have some special occasions to do. For example, one time, we went to the Movies and my friend mentioned that she was single and I wasn't either. Now I never plan on marrying any of my friends but if I wanted to make her happy, I'd ask her to marry me. So I asked her if she would marry me and she said yes!
The next day when we went to the Coffee Shop she called me first and said she didn't want to be with anyone else. However, she didn't really say anything about the other man we had been dating before. Why?
Well, after the movie, she told me that she had felt like dumping me for weeks. It seems she thought I wasn't in the same frame of mind as the relationship before. She said that she just wanted some space. Because of this she chose the Coffee Shop over the Theater. So what was her reasoning?
Now we both know why she chose to go to the Coffee Shop over the Theater. If you date someone who dates the same people all the time, you'll eventually realize she has no idea who she is dating. I have dated many women and no matter how much you know them, you are never sure who they are really with because they're only there when they need to be there.
With a lot of the Women that I have dated, I noticed that they always go to the Coffee Shop with their girlfriends or their friends and they are the last ones to leave because they are too busy trying to get something from each other. If you date a woman who goes to the Coffee Shop to hang out with her friends or if you date someone who has a group of girls at the Coffee Shop, you are probably going to find yourself being dumped.
When I was dating my friend, I had many conversations with her at the Coffee Shop because I just couldn't keep myself away from her. We both drank the same Coffee from the same vendor and although she says I don't drink coffee anymore, I always will because it's what I like. To this day, I have a double espresso and don't think I'll ever change. If I wanted to, I could get coffee at the Cafe and feel like I've been somewhere else.
I really recommend you if you date someone who goes to the Coffee Shop and hangs out with friends or if you are single, you should go there and try it. You might find that you are finally making some new friends.
One thing you must remember is that these Cafes are a place where young people go to get drunk and spend money. No wonder they always have trouble with the chicks. Women in a Coffee Shop are considered easy and a lot of men find that hard to get.
On the other hand, women in a Fast Food Place will usually know how to find a man. They know how to bring him to the Coffee Shop and she can lure him there with her charm. If you want to find love, dating a girl at a Cafe is not the best option.
Dating is one of the most important things in life and when it comes to dating at Cafes and Coffee Shops, women have no right to tell you that they are too tired. You know they are tired and you can tell, even when you are in a Coffee Shop with them.
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